In order to use Train Throttle, you will need the following:

  • A model train layout, powered by a DCC system

  • One of the following Apple or Windows devices:

    • Apple computer (MacBook, iMac, etc) running macOS Ventura 13.2 or later
    • iPhone or iPad running 16.3 or later
    • PC running Windows 10 or later
    • Windows Phone (see note below)
    • Xbox One with controller support
  • One of the following:

    • A computer running JMRI, with the WiThrottle service enabled, and connected to:

      • Your DCC system via a PR4 or similar device
      • The same network as the device running TrainThrottle, via Wifi or Ethernet
    • Or a Digitrax LnWi module

      • Connected to a Digitrax command station via LocoNet
      • Your Apple or Windows device must have WiFi
  • Optional supported equipment

    • Surface Dial on supported Windows PCs

Note: TrainThrottle is developed against the current version of JMRI (currently 5.2) communicating with the layout via a TCS CS-105 Command Station. If you experience any issues with earlier version of JMRI not working as expected, please contact me with the version of JMRI you are using.

Regarding Windows Phone Support

Train Throttle v1.0 will be the final release for Windows 10 Mobile. It will work on all phones running version 1511 or later. Should the need arise to back-port bug fixes or features, I will have the capability to, and will make that call on a case by case basis.

Train Throttle for Apple devices (coming soon) and Train Throttle for Windows devices lets you use your Apple or Windows device as a JMRI/WiThrottle control. You can access functions 0-12 (0-28 on Windows), as well as control multiple units on the fly, toggle switches, and set routes.